Ray Ban Screws Buying Guide

It’s great to be outside with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. It can be very depressing to lose your shades. I had this happen with my Ray Ban shades. The screw came off the arm hinge, and my sunglasses fell off my head.

I felt like these sunglasses were damaged and decided to buy a new pair. Just as I was about to make another purchase, I looked at my bank accounts and realized that I couldn’t afford a new pair of Ray Bans. I needed to repair my Ray Ban sunglasses.

To find spare screws that would fit, I started by looking in local glasses shops. They didn’t have any so they suggested they visit a specialty shop. I tried several hardware stores around the city, but could not repair my Ray Ban sunglasses. It would not fit, so I need to go somewhere else to find the Ray Ban screws.

Ray Ban Screws

I thought it was impossible to find a Ray Ban sunglasses replacement screw so I was ready to give up and send my cash for a new pair. A friend of mine shared with me that he had Ray Ban replacement screws, and that he used GlassesTools to fold them.

I took the time to look at them and decide if it was worth it. I was pleased with the price of the screws so I decided to give it another try.

The screw was easy to use, and I was able transform my Ray Ban sunglasses in just minutes. Because I didn’t have to buy Ray Ban sunglasses, the screws saved me hundreds.


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