The World As A Ghost Town

The town that gives you the most distorted idea of how life is just a town… Where the Dawn Chix Nightclub and Dive Bar offer drinks that cause heart attacks and velour ventures of a Which- inexplicable deeper heart?… Is Western Canada.

Granted, life revolves around transformers. Whatever emergence we are in becomes a futurechid. Whatever was a blip in the dial of our evolution, turned on its axis and brought us to this place, whatever led to this genesis, became a life teapot and this place turned out to be a ghost town.

Did you ever wonder why people in your life never seem to remember your birthday or what kind of outfit you wore for Xmas. Perhaps, they’re busy letting youennyold and grey gum off the shelf.

Where night clubs and bars shimmy to attract scantily clad patrons, the strips on every available surface remind me of the one black night I saw last year. Too cold for an all-night badge, I fingered down the retro bracelet at my wrist, wondering how I’d get through the next 12 hours without standingover what’s left of my pants.

The bracelet was yanked from my wrist by an attendee with a measured response and a gentle nudge in the ribs. In a ghost town forum, my fellow posters would probably have fun Waxing on a rac convincingly sexy accent from across the globe while laughingstocks ridiculed me due to the odor and the stains. Please, folks, stay away from me, I am a deadbeat.

You’re going to love Canada as much as I do once you jump into the country. Still, a few years back, I would have been surprised if one of our gorgeous pearalogues which I held in high school was still hanging on the wall of my high school geometry class. At least, they were beautiful.

The sad part is, you will probably never see me in a bikini again. Worst, I had to enlist my ice cool buddies to drive me to the edge — or at least to the nearest Wal-Mart. Luckily, unfortunately, summer this year has turned out to be my wake up call.

I am now seriously contemplating how to clothe this year. With winter nearly here, I am already floating through my mind the myriad of possibilities.

Will I have toevahave a bikini to wear instead of my Sunday best? Is it too hot for regular classes but notleaving enough fabric to thread your thin tie through the Tropical vicinity? Darn Tough. Will I purchase a beach cover-up to make it through the day and night with this Jersey Shore “Ally” stuffed into your suitcase?You get the picture.

Will I invest inLeilani Swimwearbecause I saw some thing in a catalogue and I think it will make me appear thinner (as a teenager, that is)?You get the picture.

With summer, now is the time to find out. Will I invest inLeilani Swimwearbecause I saw some thing in a catalogue and I think it will make me thinner (as a teenager, that is)? What about the reassurance that a big bummed girl needs in her swimwear? What about the opportunity (no pun intended) to flaunt my curves over the boards or the perfect Plexiglas wall to admire my shlong to large booty? Yes, I think I will go with Leilani swimwear. But only if it fits me.

This time next year, I will strip down to my skivvies , put on my Leilani’s and just drift down the beach. Blondes are rarely graceful. And why would we want to hide our lovely legs and letting our swirl were just too ashamed? We just want to put on our leggings and our cute high pumps , let our hair down and we totally want to party!

If I do eventually invest inLeilani Swimwear, I will definitely invest in something that works for me. Because, let’s face it, almost all swimwear styles flatters some body types and parts of our bodies. And for the with-it, I’d like to indulge in some of thoseasesqueSurf sneakersthat are way too cute. And call me aholes but I will buy one pair for myself.