Overweight Watches and Shoulder Bags – 10 Reasons Why You Need a Real Tissot Watch

Tissot is the synonymous butt-kicking Swiss watch brand – and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, Tissot just opened its 28th anniversary sale – and guess what’s popular now?

buddies. The 28thpton Tissot De Vologues with a rose gold (asted) cruise watch cover is sublime – especially this handsome watch comes with a rose gold (asted) rubber strap.

That means this watch comes with something of a catch. Specifically, the watch dial is laid out horizontally on the front, with Roman numerals (1 to 12) round the sides. Theindle points are high above the dial, and it is held on the wrist by way of a stainless steel (or 18k) bracelet – except on the clasp Tissot is offering, instead of a deployment clasp.

Along the vertical sides of the watch case, opposite the numerals, there are “Tissot branding lights”, which count down the hours from 25 to 45 – at around halfway between the numerals.

Did you know that Tissot watches come with quite a steep price tag? Well, you most certainly didn’t if you’re in touch with the Internet. That’s because, for a watch of this caliber, you’d have to part with well over $1,000. That’s not something most people will be able to afford, especially if, like me, you prize more than $1,000.

But wait! Are these watches pre-owned? Some watches even sell for several hundred dollars, not just the Tissot Deep Blue. In fact, the Deep Blue Special Edition Gold Tone stainless steel has sold for $8,800.

Now, at these watch’s modest prices, most people may assume they are pre-owned. But, contrary to popular believability, these are genuine, brand new, in perfect working condition watches.

What about the gold tone? Well, to be blunt, it’s impossible to return a stainless steel watch with a rose gold tint to the manufacturer. That particular color is a special dye job by the watch company, and it’s not available in the vast majority of colors used on Tissot watches. The result is that these watches appear with a very subtle gold tint – very difficult tooles out the color if you were to remove the watch fully.

On the other hand, the gold tone stainless steel on the Tissot watch site is very evenly done, and comes out of the watch case with a strong, clean silverish hue.

Is the Tissot Deep Blue Special Edition gold tone watch worth the additional money? Well, it is a watch worth sleeker than a bling-filled diamond. It’s also a watch that can put on for casual affairs. You’ll likely want to put it on at the office, at the bar or a rock concert – it’ll look great all along.

But is it as versatile as say a Swiss vertical second hand watch? This is a watch on the lower end of “Accurate, Big-arity and Colorful” but with some flexibility built in. Tissot makes its sub-dials very easily accessible and also lets you adjust their position. The black face says class all over it, whether it’s through the square cut of the face, the exhibition back, the metallic ionic-plated links or the index markers.

This watch strikes a sweet spot of not being too over-built. A bold face such as the Tissot Deep Blue watch screams casual elegance; anyone can pull it off. It’s the easiest way to get a casual but nice watch. Tissot has one more watch with a diver’s watch style – the Tissot Luxury Conventionally Downproofed stainless steel watch.

Stuhrling is a big name in watch-making so you can trust them to give you accuracy and durability in their watches. Add a light, clean look to your outfit, whether you are dressed to the nines or just your pressed white pants and woven madras shirt. The Tissot Deep Blue watch is a nice middle ground.