Nose Piece For Oakley Sunglasses

Enjoying a sunny day with your friends is the best feeling. You can also look amazing in your sunglasses. Broken sunglasses can ruin your mood. In my case, my Oakley sunglasses were damaged when the screw was removed from the arm hinge and the nosepiece came off. This caused the sunglasses to drop off my face.

I immediately thought that the sunglasses were defective and that I should replace them. When I thought I was ready to buy a new pair, I checked my finances and realized I couldn’t pay for a new set of Oakley sunglasses. So I decided to fix my Oakleys.

I started by visiting local glasses stores to find out if they had spare screws or nosepads that would fit. They didn’t, so I recommended a specialty hardware store. I had to drive to a few hardware shops around the city to find any nose piece for oakley sunglasses that would work.

Nose Piece For Oakley Sunglasses

I was almost ready to give in and send out all my money to get a new pair. I thought that there was no place that sells Oakey replacements nose pads or screws. But, my friend explained to me how he did it. He folded some Oakley replacement screws for Oakley sunglasses at a website called They also had Oakley replacement screws.

I was tempted to try it and decide that it would be the night of my shinning armer. The price for the screws was fair and I felt it was worth it.

After buying two Oakley parts (screws and nose pieces) another one was purchased to replace the broken ones. sent my order very quickly. I received the package in just a few days.

It was very easy to put the screw in and it was easy to get my Oakley sunglasses looking brand new in no time. The cost of the screws and nose pads was worth it. I saved hundreds on not having to purchase a new pair.

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