Make a Strong Fashion Statement With Statement Neckties

Let’s face it: guys usually don’t appreciate the ladies’ opinion (is that so surprising, by the way?). This is understandable, of course, if we consider how much they dominates the course of events in our lives.

But take heart – there are ways to affect change without compromising who you are. Consider the power of the tie, and how much one individual’s attire can influence another’s own sense of style. Nowadays, guys are taking advantage of this power, and have chosen to wear statement neckties. What exactly are these statements, and how can they help you convey a fashionable, and innovative message to others?

Consider your own wardrobe: how many of your outfits do you own? Perhaps you are the guy who always seems to have enough suits in his closet, and isn’t always spending a great deal of time selecting pieces. Well, guess what: you are not alone. A study by McClutch Group found that 60% of men do not have any business shirts in their closets.

In fact, men ought to be the leaders in getting themselves a professionalism wardrobe. Here are five items every man should own, as well as a few ideas to steer you in the right direction.

The Proper Shirt.

Look for long-sleeved dress shirts. These will be appropriate at any event, and can be worn under a suit or with a sport jacket. You can get away with a white shirt, if your preference is colour-based, or if you are less likely to wear a white shirt under a suit. Also consider getting dress shirts in navy and black, as they are more difficult to wash and iron, and thus require more care.

suit jacket . When buying a suit, look for a jacket with a proper cut and a vertically-bnched front. Also consider a jacket with buttons if you wear a shirt. Jackets without buttons are difficult to fasten, and therefore, if left unbuttoned, may expose your chest at a vulnerable moment.

dress trousers. wisely and wisely, I know. Just like jackets, make sure the trouser fits your butt, and if your legs are on the thicker side, that may work to your advantage! Ensure that the trouser looks and feels good in your closet. Like the jacket, don’t get a dress trouser that looks and feels like it is made for a manly man. Go for slim, flat-front dress trousers. They’ll look great and be much easier to find pieces for (make it a jacket), as they are an easy transition between suits.

jeans. Are your pants out-of-style? If you are not sure, buy dark blue skinny jeans and keep them for extras. As a general rule, coloured jeans will age well – the only exception to the rule is light washed jeans, which cheap out and can look cheap after a couple of wears.

t-shirts. If your style pulses in the areas of activity and fun-filled lifestyle, a tank-top of some description is a necessary garment for your wardrobe. Do not get stuck in some stylist rut by only buying white, baby pink, purple, black or other easy colours. All white looks puffy and washed-out, even when washed, and coloured tops two per cent of their original colour are unlikely to age well.

boarding shorts. As far as the Australian summer is concerned, shorts are pretty much indispensable. bum length (think skater cut) are easy to wear all year, and if they are clean and well-ironed they are exceptionally wearable and easy to wear in peak summer stateside seasons. Buy a pair in a light block colours, such as navy, for summery days, and blues or pinks for the slightly cooler weather of autumn.

sweatshirt. As a general rule, you should have at least one-quarter of your bodyweight of mid underneath your sweatshirt, ideally. The more bulk, the less versatile the sweatshirt. Buy a good quality one, warm but not too warm, and it will last you a long time.

jacket. Make sure your mid-section is covered and your arms and torso should look slim as a bug. Look for one with straight vertical lines, not a loose, unsightly pile of fabric.

coat. Again, make sure your body shape is covered – short, medium or long. Get a style that will go with many different items of clothing. Coats tend to be very distinctive, so choose a colour that will go with other items of clothing without clashing. Like the sweatshirt, a good coat is also one that is very versatile.

verse. Wherever you live, in order to look appropriate, it is usually best if you do not wear very much at all.