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appearances are everything, may it be a business person or a humble bread seller, Baker Street has a certain look and feel that is much unlike the generic based locations around the world. This is exactly what the founders of Baker Street wanted it to be, an International unique lifestyle destination that is completely authentic to London’s East End. Although socks and spectacles are to the forefront of their design philosophy, it is the revolutionary mode of thinking that is ultimately at the forefront. This is what they say: “Come on Get Over”.

Ajoydeeply rooted in the ethos of their institute, Baker Street has become a world-renowned retailer, designer and producer of some of the finest high-quality footwear in the world. With a team of some killer regulars that have absolutely no crossover with the shiny objects on the other side of town, they are quickly becoming an iconic Brand. One of the most brilliantly natural creators of men’s footwear is A. B. Baker & Sons, and perhaps the most renowned example of their ability is at the recent 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler where their amazing collection of knee high arctic skis tantalised the world.

One of the odd things about the company is that A. B. Baker & Sons is a family company that was combined with theoring goods company,ughasts fromicasolarware fab. In 1994 there was a serious celebratory event that took place in the grand hall of Baker Steel. It was a perfect opportunity for the company to meet and greet to their salesinators and have a one-of-a-kind tradeshow celebrating all things Baker.

The icing on the cake was the reveal of a stunning new innovation from the company, which hasn’t been made available commercially until now.The innovation is called Fiber Optic Technology, and what it does is that it creates a very unique and sensitive frame that literally cuts through fibre like butter; vastly increasing durability and versatility. To prove its innovative credentials many of the top global loafers that these people make use to enable them to create their amazing styles are handmade with a Ryder Slip On fit. This innovation firmly positions Baker Street and its product lines against the very best.

I mentioned only one feature in my last paragraph, but what I failed to mention is that their footwear is actually produced entirely in the United Kingdom, visible to the world. Every single pair is checked and rechecked accurately on a daily basis. There are no golden numbers that are hit and missed and which allow for differences in quality. Every product is produced to the highest standards using only the finest components that belong to the A. B. Baker & Sons team of talented craftsmen and long-lasting, reliable products.

As a family company that puts the customer first, A. B. Baker & Sons strives to build strong, lasting relationships through which both the company and its reputation grows.The company has four key areas of focus: innovation, design, production and distribution.

They believe that innovation is central to their success, drawing inspiration from both their surroundings and the world around them.The manufacturing of their shoes, both of A. B. Baker & Sons and A. B. Baker & Sons tradesstock shoes, slippers and clogs in the UK, provides them with a commitment to authenticity. They take great pride in their products. You truly feel that the footwear that you are wearing is crafted with care and pride.

Another distinctive feature are the company’s distribution modal. distribute in the UK, they make use of a licensed and registered company, Moseley Network Holdings Ltd. Moseley is a part of Marcus Donwood forums, a family owned business that has provided the technological and legal basis for the company’s worldwide operations. It was this commitment to a fair-trade ethos that led the company to be named amongst the Best Small Businesses in the industry in the prestigious charity Fapan trade show, held in Liverpool in 2002.

As the company grows, it is inherent that a distribution deal with a Global distributor is a possibility. Thus Moseley has a very distinct approach to its distribution.brand and distribution methods. When I asked a representative if there were any current distribution strategies they were unable to provide a specific answer beyond the usual response: we try to focus on our brand and our company – our core competence. I believe that this is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction; providing a physical store which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days week. To re-iterate; Baker Street has a particular focus on customer satisfaction, it is definitely the way to go.

Moseley’s approach to distribute comes directly from it’s philosophy that great attention to detail and a focused focus on customer needs. In the traditional distribution model, Moseley would simply follow suit, cleans the stock rooms, sorts out orders and prepare the goods.