Choosing A Great High Heel Shoe – Not Just For Feet, But For Yourself

The high heel shoe is not merely a foot wear – it is a reflection of the woman’s soul. Wearing a sexy pair of high heel shoes makes a woman feel sexy and confident. You should wear high heel shoes and enjoy the confidence that you will have when you wear them. Although they were originally meant for the rich and famous, anybody can wear a high heel shoe and look good!

How to wear a high heel shoe

* Having the confidence to wear a high heel shoe makes a woman look good. See how Johnilton Holmes looked good with his Dior dress when he entered a nightclub? He did not look as if he were a duckling! This speaks volumes about his style!

* You need to understand the art of walking in heels. You should start by owning a vigorous walk for two days with new shoes. Try wearing them and dance a little. Get used to the new heels, as you might be walking for a long hour. Then, you should wear them on official occasions.

* Your choice of a high heel shoe can be dependent on the occasion you are attending. If it is an official occasion like a business proposal meeting or a seminar, you should wear conservative pumps or court shoes. Rocker sole shoes can be worn for a fashion forward look. However, you should be careful not to wear flat shoes when you wear high-heeled shoes. Flats look unglamorous and will not be appropriate for a formal occasion.

* When wearing a high heel shoe, make it a point to stand tall and straight. Never slouch orop your shoulders to the side. Should you do it, it will make you look even more petite than you already are.

* Choose a pair of high heels that are not necessarily stunning but comfortable.psaty warm-upsthat are usually found in the back of the high-heeled shoes. They will maximize your comfort and your chances of falling in love with this killer pair of shoes.

* Wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes is an expression of your confidence. Wear them on a belief that you are easily able to dispense with the weight of the world. You will find that this confidence makes you the king of the world.

Choosing your high-heeled shoes

Although being able to wear a high-heeled shoe easily is an ideal, it is important to choose the right footwear for the right occasion. As mentioned, a peep-toe pair of shoes is great for formal occasions but not advisable for some occasions. As a result, the chances of wearing the shoe are somewhat less. That is the reason why usually the heeled shoes have an open-toe format. The probability of wearing a shoe goes up, when you wear it with a formal event gown that has standard length. The perfect length for a formal gown is around 4 inches.

Another thing that needs to factor in is your figure type. For curvaceous women, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoe with a pointed front will help ladies are automatically think of elongating their legs. The hemming is inversely proportional to the weight or the height of the high-heeled shoe.

For slim women with long legs, shoes with a medium to long heel looks excellent and flattering.

Choosing high-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes are the most proportional, as the angle of the heel is directly proportional to the leg length. Wearing heels does not necessarily mean one needs to suffer the pain of wearing high heels in a short period of time. As long as you can handle the pain produced by wearing high-heeled shoe, it can be considered a good investment.

People who have foot pains should put on flat-heeled shoes for few minutes, and walk around. As your leg muscles are engaged in walking, the weight will equally distribute on the top of your feet.

Once you are done with your bout with the pain, wear medium-heeled shoes following the same procedure.

Medium-heeled shoes also have the advantage of being worn with almost any types of clothing.

Tips for buying high-heeled shoes

Generally, the online stores are far more convenient to make your purchase from. However, before making the purchase it is necessary to check out the minimum requirement of your feet. As your leg length is important, it is recommended that you buy a pair of shoes that perfectly suit your feet, whether they are big or small.

Make sure to select a pair of shoes that perfectly suit your feet. If your feet problems are caused by wearing pointy-toe shoes, then wear a pair of medium-heeled footwear for improve your leg line.