Ray Ban Sunglasses Screws

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory. Anything that goes wrong with them is guaranteed to ruin your day. Especially if you have designer glasses that are very dear to you and for which you’ve paid a hefty price.

Problem is, however, that accidents happen. Or sometimes, it’s just a matter of wear taking a toll on your sunglasses. Whatever the cause, you might find yourself staring at a pair of broken sunglasses, not knowing what to do.

Before you even dare thinking that you should throw them away, we suggest you the following options on how to fix broken sunglasses for the Ray Ban Sunglasses Screws. Naturally, not any solution will fit to any problem. But it is always worth to give it a try or consider your options and see what works best for you in a given situation. You’ll be happy you did so!

Now, here’s what you can try to fix your broken sunglasses:


You might be surprised to discover what a big impact this small action can have on the way your sunglasses sit on your face. This is, in fact, the number one thing you should be doing as part of the care and maintenance of your sunglasses. But if you’ve never done it before and you’re starting to feel they don’t properly fit you anymore, the time has come for screw tightening.

Get yourself an optical screwdriver and then get to work. You’ll have to gently tighten the screws located both at the top and at the bottom of the frame – the ones that keep your lenses in place. In case you don’t have such a tool at hand, quickly order one from glassestools.com. Chances are you’ll use it again in the future, so it is really a small investment that will pay off in the long run.


Arm adjustment is a bit trickier in case you have plastic frames. But that’s precisely why we mentioned you can do it yourself, if the frame is made of metal, or ask for professional help, for the plastic ones. If you can give it a try yourself, simply place a soft cloth on the frame and clamp the pliers over it, close to the bent area.

The secret is to take it slow and make small adjustments, rather than pushing it hard from the first time. Bend the arm back into place just a little bit, pause to test the frames, repeat if necessary. When the frames placed upside down on the table look flat, you can stop.


We know that moment when you look at your sunglasses, and your heart skips a bit while you think you saw a scratch on the lens. That scratch, however, may easily be a thin line or a smudge. With a bit of water and soap, followed by aproper drying and polishing with a soft clean cloth, you might be able to breathe easily.


The worst-case scenario is when your lenses really are scratched or even broken. If that’s the case, there is still hope in replacing only the damaged lens rather than your sunglasses altogether.

Go online and browse through the tens of thousands of sunglass lens models that you can order in a jiffy. Pick your favorite brand, your desired color, decide if you want them polarized, or with HD quality, and you’ll still pay less than for a new pair!ray ban sunglasses screws with the Ray Ban Sunglasses Screws.

Make a Strong Fashion Statement With Statement Neckties

Let’s face it: guys usually don’t appreciate the ladies’ opinion (is that so surprising, by the way?). This is understandable, of course, if we consider how much they dominates the course of events in our lives.

But take heart – there are ways to affect change without compromising who you are. Consider the power of the tie, and how much one individual’s attire can influence another’s own sense of style. Nowadays, guys are taking advantage of this power, and have chosen to wear statement neckties. What exactly are these statements, and how can they help you convey a fashionable, and innovative message to others?

Consider your own wardrobe: how many of your outfits do you own? Perhaps you are the guy who always seems to have enough suits in his closet, and isn’t always spending a great deal of time selecting pieces. Well, guess what: you are not alone. A study by McClutch Group found that 60% of men do not have any business shirts in their closets.

In fact, men ought to be the leaders in getting themselves a professionalism wardrobe. Here are five items every man should own, as well as a few ideas to steer you in the right direction.

The Proper Shirt.

Look for long-sleeved dress shirts. These will be appropriate at any event, and can be worn under a suit or with a sport jacket. You can get away with a white shirt, if your preference is colour-based, or if you are less likely to wear a white shirt under a suit. Also consider getting dress shirts in navy and black, as they are more difficult to wash and iron, and thus require more care.

suit jacket . When buying a suit, look for a jacket with a proper cut and a vertically-bnched front. Also consider a jacket with buttons if you wear a shirt. Jackets without buttons are difficult to fasten, and therefore, if left unbuttoned, may expose your chest at a vulnerable moment.

dress trousers. wisely and wisely, I know. Just like jackets, make sure the trouser fits your butt, and if your legs are on the thicker side, that may work to your advantage! Ensure that the trouser looks and feels good in your closet. Like the jacket, don’t get a dress trouser that looks and feels like it is made for a manly man. Go for slim, flat-front dress trousers. They’ll look great and be much easier to find pieces for (make it a jacket), as they are an easy transition between suits.

jeans. Are your pants out-of-style? If you are not sure, buy dark blue skinny jeans and keep them for extras. As a general rule, coloured jeans will age well – the only exception to the rule is light washed jeans, which cheap out and can look cheap after a couple of wears.

t-shirts. If your style pulses in the areas of activity and fun-filled lifestyle, a tank-top of some description is a necessary garment for your wardrobe. Do not get stuck in some stylist rut by only buying white, baby pink, purple, black or other easy colours. All white looks puffy and washed-out, even when washed, and coloured tops two per cent of their original colour are unlikely to age well.

boarding shorts. As far as the Australian summer is concerned, shorts are pretty much indispensable. bum length (think skater cut) are easy to wear all year, and if they are clean and well-ironed they are exceptionally wearable and easy to wear in peak summer stateside seasons. Buy a pair in a light block colours, such as navy, for summery days, and blues or pinks for the slightly cooler weather of autumn.

sweatshirt. As a general rule, you should have at least one-quarter of your bodyweight of mid underneath your sweatshirt, ideally. The more bulk, the less versatile the sweatshirt. Buy a good quality one, warm but not too warm, and it will last you a long time.

jacket. Make sure your mid-section is covered and your arms and torso should look slim as a bug. Look for one with straight vertical lines, not a loose, unsightly pile of fabric.

coat. Again, make sure your body shape is covered – short, medium or long. Get a style that will go with many different items of clothing. Coats tend to be very distinctive, so choose a colour that will go with other items of clothing without clashing. Like the sweatshirt, a good coat is also one that is very versatile.

verse. Wherever you live, in order to look appropriate, it is usually best if you do not wear very much at all.

Choosing A Great High Heel Shoe – Not Just For Feet, But For Yourself

The high heel shoe is not merely a foot wear – it is a reflection of the woman’s soul. Wearing a sexy pair of high heel shoes makes a woman feel sexy and confident. You should wear high heel shoes and enjoy the confidence that you will have when you wear them. Although they were originally meant for the rich and famous, anybody can wear a high heel shoe and look good!

How to wear a high heel shoe

* Having the confidence to wear a high heel shoe makes a woman look good. See how Johnilton Holmes looked good with his Dior dress when he entered a nightclub? He did not look as if he were a duckling! This speaks volumes about his style!

* You need to understand the art of walking in heels. You should start by owning a vigorous walk for two days with new shoes. Try wearing them and dance a little. Get used to the new heels, as you might be walking for a long hour. Then, you should wear them on official occasions.

* Your choice of a high heel shoe can be dependent on the occasion you are attending. If it is an official occasion like a business proposal meeting or a seminar, you should wear conservative pumps or court shoes. Rocker sole shoes can be worn for a fashion forward look. However, you should be careful not to wear flat shoes when you wear high-heeled shoes. Flats look unglamorous and will not be appropriate for a formal occasion.

* When wearing a high heel shoe, make it a point to stand tall and straight. Never slouch orop your shoulders to the side. Should you do it, it will make you look even more petite than you already are.

* Choose a pair of high heels that are not necessarily stunning but comfortable.psaty warm-upsthat are usually found in the back of the high-heeled shoes. They will maximize your comfort and your chances of falling in love with this killer pair of shoes.

* Wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes is an expression of your confidence. Wear them on a belief that you are easily able to dispense with the weight of the world. You will find that this confidence makes you the king of the world.

Choosing your high-heeled shoes

Although being able to wear a high-heeled shoe easily is an ideal, it is important to choose the right footwear for the right occasion. As mentioned, a peep-toe pair of shoes is great for formal occasions but not advisable for some occasions. As a result, the chances of wearing the shoe are somewhat less. That is the reason why usually the heeled shoes have an open-toe format. The probability of wearing a shoe goes up, when you wear it with a formal event gown that has standard length. The perfect length for a formal gown is around 4 inches.

Another thing that needs to factor in is your figure type. For curvaceous women, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoe with a pointed front will help ladies are automatically think of elongating their legs. The hemming is inversely proportional to the weight or the height of the high-heeled shoe.

For slim women with long legs, shoes with a medium to long heel looks excellent and flattering.

Choosing high-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes are the most proportional, as the angle of the heel is directly proportional to the leg length. Wearing heels does not necessarily mean one needs to suffer the pain of wearing high heels in a short period of time. As long as you can handle the pain produced by wearing high-heeled shoe, it can be considered a good investment.

People who have foot pains should put on flat-heeled shoes for few minutes, and walk around. As your leg muscles are engaged in walking, the weight will equally distribute on the top of your feet.

Once you are done with your bout with the pain, wear medium-heeled shoes following the same procedure.

Medium-heeled shoes also have the advantage of being worn with almost any types of clothing.

Tips for buying high-heeled shoes

Generally, the online stores are far more convenient to make your purchase from. However, before making the purchase it is necessary to check out the minimum requirement of your feet. As your leg length is important, it is recommended that you buy a pair of shoes that perfectly suit your feet, whether they are big or small.

Make sure to select a pair of shoes that perfectly suit your feet. If your feet problems are caused by wearing pointy-toe shoes, then wear a pair of medium-heeled footwear for improve your leg line.

Rocking Fall Fashion Scarves

If you want to rock some great fashion looks this fall, sometimes all it takes to pull it off is a scarf. This season, roasting amber and brown tones have hit the fashion runway, providing great alternatives to the classic browns and croats that we have all become accustomed too. However, the fibers that are most prominent come from the neck and head.

When you want to bring bolder colors into your wardrobe, the sustainability of scarves doesn’t contra versa. While you cannot go wrong with a predominantly brown, camel or camel-toned ensemble, the vibrant scarves that will truly rock your fall look are red, pinks and oranges. These are incredibly strong colors and can be worn with fall neutral tones, such as amethyst, brick or old-fashioned horizon, to provide a stunning contrast. However, the fall season offers so many fabulous options for bolder colors, that you might be distressed by the less-is-more refrain with which it seems to dictate the season.

What’s a scarf? Unlike a traditional neck wrap or traditional head wrap (which sometimes can wrap or snarl in on themselves, drawing attention to the neck and possibly the hair), scarves are slender pieces of fabric that can be draped around the neck in the course of fashion’s consistent tradition. The sways and movements in these accessories are usually not as “normal” as the normal course, but they still provide a means of breaking up solid blocks of color. Many scarves are made of sumptuous pashmina or cashmere, and they are typically very warm to keep you comfortable and warm throughout those fall days. However, you can be much more modern than that, and go for stripes or fringe-shaped scarves.

How to Rock Your Scarf

One of the great things about a scarf is the fact that it stronglyokes individual style. Not only can you kick it up a notch by choosing striped or intricately patterned scarves, but this bold fashion accessory can also be worn in a manner that is truly made up of your own distinct style. Some of the classic and far too easy ways to wear your scarf is to toss it around your neck with one palm flat against your chest, while letting the other end drape over your shoulder. You can even try folding it and then looping it around your neck with a French meaning that has been derived from the French Revolution, which originated in opposition to the ancient religion and government, which during that time was deemed Goddess Worshippers. Another means of wearing your scarf is by keeping one positioned mid-torso and then crossing the ends around your shoulders and hanging loose with the others still on your back.

Some people use scarves to act as waist or hip coverings, but usually keep the ends tucked in so they are not prone to be seen. While tucked in, they act like shawls that wrap around your upper body and add intrigue to an outfit. Scarves can also be used as coverings for a conventional plain blouse, but there are some styles that you can try that provide for both style and purpose. Some of these styles Korean, Islamic, Hindu, or Chinese Studies have provided for unique cultural effects and purposes that are otherwise not available to the general public.

Scarves can also be used, in non-traditional ways, to provide aesthetic effects. In a similar manner that aviators used to provide a sense of mystery and danger to those who flew along with them, scarves can serve the same purpose, but in a more convenient and fashionable way, along with a slightly lower aura that does notryentials. Before, it is simply not part of human nature to wear scarves, but today, particularly with popular styles such as the urban seriously preppy khaki and lace scarf thrown into the mix, it seems like there is a scariperrant veilivating, ready to grab the eyeballs of onlookers.

Khaki has become the new “It” scarf, and it really is a great product by itself. Not only does it bring vividness and excitement to the boring monotones and whitespace that characterize the “natural” colors, but the unique band of colors offered by the manufacturers ensures that the scarf is also a real head-turner. Once again, the nature of the fabric is what makes it really stand out.

Aside from the bright hues provided by the khaki fabric, the design of the scarf is broadly similar. Afficult techniques such as the use of sashes or other fabric inserts besides the use of incredibly thin fabric is used to give the scarf some visual impact. The inserts are strategically placed on the – usually flat – areas of the scarf to give it a more interesting texture. You will find literally hundreds of designs ranging from abstract prints to plaids, right down to simple lines and a few bits of random floss.

Sexy Easter Dresses – Let Your boyfriends blush

Sexy Easter dresses and other outfits for this year’s party season have begun to materialize this month, providing sharp glances at the several provocative looks on offer as well as new ideas that will undoubtedly provide you and your man with a lot of sexy fun.

One extremely provocative look offers a top that begins with soft jerseyistic gathering of a slight halter neck gathered in ruched generally with gathered elastic edges and complemented by a slim cargo chain strap at the waist of the dress. Should you opt for a plunge style look with the slender elastic edge of the bandage knotted at the neckline to create an ultimate plunging effect, all the better. They’re currently being offered with a distinct twist – – boy shorts. So if you plan on staying leery about the pregnancies dominating the celebrities at this year’s parties, then good news: your man can ‘do no wrong’ in the luxurious ‘Boy Shortsini’!

raphic prints, particularly balacials, will also provide you with plenty of sexy fun, as graphic prints work very well at conjuring mind blowing sexy lingerie designs. So if you and your long-term boyfriend are enthusiastic online shoppers, and become instantly seduced by these graphic baby sized prints, then you must head out to the stores and choose a matching baby motif as well. That way you can both celebrate your relationship on a level that’s special for you.

This ‘Boy Shorty’ style ‘Blossom’ printed dress is the ultimate chic, alluring ‘Sprout’ inspired, bold and delicious look, forcing your man to watch as your inner drive unit technology soars to a place of ease and luxury that’s rarely visited by men. So if the thought of your boyfriend following you shopping for the ‘perfect’ Easter special makes you excited you can give him a better idea of where to begin his consideration by showing him some latest sal 289 panties.

Now let me inform you, this new Easter offering of baby accesories and frills is bound to make your man want to make these dresses with him again, since they’re not really unique. Furthermore, they are modern, attractive, taut and charming. A very little of the leeway of other items in the online store, such as flirty tee shirts, baseball caps and fashionable bags are available with this exclusive baby style t excitement.

Brittany’s new line of maternity clothes is truly a big hit as she makes every mom-to-be look and feel fantastic. The collection ranges from basics to trendy, so you’ll find a balance of feel good mums and fashion mums. And the clothes in this graceful maternity line are surprisingly affordable, so you don’t have to suffer your wherever-doing-the-around-is-so- unrewarding. As a matter of fact, having these clothes definitely inspire me to go out and treat myself again to some of these gorgeous baby accesories.

Well, Mom Makes a satisfying Statement is successfully back by popular demand, Jasz Couture has developed a loyal following of stylistas who like to design and style for the very unique woman. Fashion designer, Tory Burch, who’s seen in the industry for her popular neon, trend-setting styles, desires to take what she calls “curvy girls” by surprise with clothes that have curvaceous silhouettes. These fashion mavens, who are so fine they could have been draped in a Coach oversized tote, are proud to present their own distinct look that exudes femininity, glamour, and Girls With Curves.

Apparel designed by Jasz Couture reflects the fashion designer’s view of the beautiful woman and the garment certainly reflects that as it is designed with a woman’s body in mind. The response to this new fashion line has been tremendous with many women saying they love the sophisticated edge of a garment that makes highlighting their own curves something of auish.

As a fashion designer, Jasz Couture has come to be recognized as a leader of new design and trends, particularly on the runway. The popularity of this new fashion line has also probably due to the fact that Jasz Couture offers a full line-of clothing and accessories made for women with distinct body types.

Regardless whether you have the perfect hourglass shape with curves or whether you are an apple with a little bit of boy in you, the Jasz Couture collection is available for you. The style of cut and style of clothing from this particular fashion house are perfect for every woman and the company’s lasting commitment to fashion, driven by their belief that only the best will never wear anything, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, is how it has grown this brand into a cultural phenomenon over recent years.