07-09-08 Farouck di Scottatura mated Dutch. Ch s.r.pE Jade von Moned
06-09-08 We are very excited that our new ( adult) male is coming over end of the month. More information and pictures later .


At the show in Rotterdam became Zidane di Scottatura Veteran Champion. Congratulations to Peter and Julia Rietkerk.
In open class became Freyara 2nd and Fiona 3rd Excellent.

30/31-08-08 We had a great weekend at the French Specialty . Our young promissing male Fledder di Scottatura became 1 st
in Intermediate Class. Congratulations to his young owner Lydia Mulders and family !!
sr.Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville became 3 rd in Champion Class.
12 -08-08 German Youth Ch. Freyara di Scottatura has been bred by Ch.Asgaard des Louves d'Ýmonville .
Inquieries by P& R.Rietkerk Tel: 079-3517727
10-08-08 Freedom di Scottatura ( grey brother of Fledder and Farouck ) has been bred High Clearings Zantee Kennel Vande Hoge Laer.
27-07-08 Fledder di Scottatura ( brother of Farouck ) has been bred "Ashyla van de Home Port. "
15-07-08 Farouck di Scottatura has been bred " van de Pillendijk Diva. "
13-07-08 Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville RCAC at the Lokeren Winner. Freyara 1st Excellent Open Class. Zidane di Scottatura Best Veteran and Best in Show Veteran.
04-06-08 Hans got a brain stroke.

We had a great weekend with our males pE. sr. Dutch Ch. Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville got CAC at the Belgian Specialty .

The young male Fledder di Scottatura got RCAC . Judge Y.Dambrain.

Zidane di Scottatura 2nd Excellent in Veteran Class.


Freyara di Scottatura became RCAC at the Joe Kat show n Arnhem.

Zidane di Scottatura Best Veteran at this show.


24 th may Dutch Specialty Results of our males:
Figaro di Scottatura ( Ch.Domburg in Envy x Ch.Avril di Scottatura ) Excellent in openclass . Selected for breeding now pE.
Fledder di Scottatura ( Ch.Domburg in Demand x Ch.Avril di Scottatura ) 2nd Excellent in Internediate Class.
Farouck di Scottatura ( Ch.Domburg in Demand x Ch.Avril di Scottatura ) 3rd Excellent in Intermediate Class.

The female Faith di Scottatura became 4th Excellent in Breeders Class.

17-05-08 Dutch. Ch. sr. pE Avril di Scottatura is mated by the brandnew Dutch. Ch. sr.pE Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville.
10-05-08 Our male p.E s.r Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville became his 4th CAC on the Int. Show in Arnhem and is now DUTCH CHAMPION.
16-04-08 Vismey passed away.

Results Goes. 2 nd Excellent Farouck in youth Class , juge E.Wieldraaijer .

His brother the Young grey male Freedom 1 ste Excellent at the 4 B show in Chastre . Juge Mme Varlet. Became second best male


Results Leeuwarden. Judge Y.Dambrain. Our male sr.pE Dutch Youth Ch. Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonvile CAC-CACIB. One CAC to go for his Dutch title!!

Freyara di Scottatura RCAC-RCACIB


Results Show Leiden. Judge Linda CollinsThe boys Figaro Reserve CAC-CACIB . Farouck 1 ste excellent youth class.

The girls Fiona 2 excellent and Freyara 3rd excellent in Open Class .

14 -03-08 New pictures of Fledder!!
05-03-08 New pictures of Farouck!!
01-02-08 New page Farao, updated picture Farouck.
10-01-08 New Page Fabrizio !
10-01-08 Freyara AWARD Best German bitch 2007
25-11-07 Farouck di Scottatura, 2 nd Excellent. Youth Class Amsterdam.
28-10-07 Freyara di Scottatura succeeded social caractertest NVBH. Figaro passed the test with social plus.
1/14-10-07 CAC-CACIB Dortmund.13/10/2007. Int.Class Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville 2nd Exc. Res.VDH Anwar.Judge A.Mc Laeren.
14 -10-2007 Open Class. CAC/CACIB VDH Anwart. BOB .Asgaard des Louves d´Ymonville. Judge .M. Ten Cate
13-10-200 Freyara di Scottatura 1 st Excellent VDH ANWARTSCHAFT
08-10-07 Best Junior Tervueren Happening NVBH 2007 Farouck di Scottatura . Eig. R.Rommers


New pictures of FIDO !!

" Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville ( Stranger) " became sujet recommandé at the French Specialty 25-26 th of august 2007.
Impression pictures !!

Fiona di Scottatura got CAC-CACIB at the Int.Show Rotterdam. Freyara her sister RCACIB

28-07-07 Figaro di Scottatura ( owner Kees de Jong ) has mated in Kennel di Laqharno Germany.
27/ 28-07-07 pE Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville has mated pE Altesse di Scottatura in Kennel "Danseur de la Rivière "She is pregnant!!!
29-06-07 New picture of Asgaard with his Show results.
11/12 -05-07 Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville has mated Dutch Champion p E Rena Moon van de Lamar in "Kennel van Ollandse Werf" .
9 Puppies are born.
24 -05-07 New pictures of the F 3 litter boys : Domburg in Demand with Ch.pE Avril di Scottatura Freedom Fledder Farouck Fido
14-05-07 Our male Stranger ( Asgaard des Louves d'Ymonville ) Show result NVBH Clubshow 12/05/07. 2nd Excellent in Intermediate Class. Passed the caractertest and is now pE Asgaard des Louves d´Ymonville
10-04-07 Stranger started his Show career at the Eastershow in Leeuwarden. He took CAC and B.O.B and 3rd in Group. He is also Dutch Youth Champion now.
01-04-07 New pages F 3 litter Fledder and Farouck.
28-12-06 New page, leashes handmade.
26-11-06 Figaro di Scottatura Youth Winner 2006. Winner Amsterdam Show. His sister Freyara grated with Excellent.
07-11-06 New pictures of the puppys.
31-10-06 New pages of Faith, Fortune and Fiona
28-10-06 Figaro best young male 9-12 months. Jonge Honden Dag NVBH 28-10-06
23-10-06 Puppies are born.
15-09-06 New pictures of Figaro and Faraway

Ch.Avril di Scottatura is mated by Eng. Ch. Domburg in Demand. Puppies expected 20th of october 2006

Our Pyr Ratel is also mated by Toulicou du Picourlet Best in Show French Specialty 2004.

15-08-06 New pictures of Figaro Freyara and Farao and Asgaard.
16-07-06 Freyara Best puppy in Show. CAC Show Lokeren Belgium
07-07-06 New picture Asgaard 8 months old. New picture Freyara and Figaro 6 moths old.
19-06-06 Figaro's page updated
13-06-06 New pictures F1 -litter
24-05-06 New pictures Freyara and Stranger

New pictures F 2 Litter with 8 weeks.

Freyara got her own page.

28-04-06 New pictures of the puppies in their Album 7 weeks old today.
15-04-06 New pictures of the puppies in their Album
08-04-06 Stranger our young boy as babysit.
07-04-06 New pictures of the puppies in their ALBUM
03-04-06 Leiden. Altesse di Scottatura BOB. Judge: Mw.P.Stern-Hanf.
16-03-06 Put up pictures F2 -litter. updated 26 march 2006
16-03-06 Put up picture of Figaro
16-03-06 Father of the F-litter Domburg in Envy became Best Dog on Crufts 2006. His mother Domburg Reve d'Amour became best of breed . Congratulations to Linda and Sandra!!!
14-03-06 8 Puppies born from Belice and Oural. 1 boy - 7 girls.
28-02-06 Puppies left our home, last pictures.
13-02-06 New pictures of the puppies at 6 weeks old.
04-02-06 Altesse di Scottatura is awarded with RCC and Cacib on the show in Eindhoven.
22-01-06 New pictures of Domburg in Envy
11-01-06 New import male arrived. We call him "Stranger".
Yannick Sicot thank you very much for this nice boy!!!
08-01-06 Belice di Scottatura is sired by Multi. Ch.Oural de la Fureur du Crepescule.

Puppies from Domburg in Envy x sr. pE Dutch & Lux.Ch Avril di Scottatura are born on
New Years Day !!! ne male available.
Click here!

01-11-05 Ch. Holl.Ch.Lux. pE and s.r. Avril di Scottatura is sired by Domburg in Envy from A.Smith and L.Collins England. She is pregnant !!!

Adsign di Scottatura became 1st with Excellent in Champion Class on the French Specialty 27-28 th of August. Also he became sujet recommandé. His mother Vismey di Scottatura is now R.e recommanded Elite B !!!
Congratulations to the owner of @je Teun and Hetty Sterk.
Photo's French Specialty 27/28 aug.2005!!!

18-07-05 Diane di Scottatura 1st in Youth Class Lokeren. Congratulations to Terumi Makita from Japan who is picking up Diane now. Thanks to Julia and Peter Rietkerk, her fosterparents for 9 months!!
25-06-05 Just returned from Australia. Aussies... Thanks for the wonderful time we had in your country!!

Belice di Scottatura is selected for pE on the Dutch Specialty. Caractertest ++.
Adsign 5th Excellent- Open Class.
Diane 3rd Excellent- Youth Class.
Caprice Very Good.

26 -03-05 Dutch.Ch.Avril di Scottatura became Luxembourg Champion and B.O.B.
09-03-05 Diane di Scottatura( Milo-Dylan van de Lamar x Vismey di Scottatura) Best pups of all at the Int. show Zuid Laren.