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SINCE 1971

It started with Ratel di Vildor, a Tervueren bitch born out an intervariety combination from the Malinois Quinten van het Hofstedeken and the well-known Tervueren La Marion du Talion.

She lived in Switzerland, by Mme. Van der Schalk who was original Dutch and M. Tavazani from Italy who gave his kennel name to the litter from La Marion du Talion and Quinten van het Hofstedeken because it was not allowed with intervariety breeding in Switzerland.

When Ratel became 2½ years old, she had a fight with another dog and the hot soup of the stove fell on her. She burned her self and got a huge brand on her back. At that moment Mrs van der Schalk brought her to Holland and so she came in to my house.  



Ratel and the Leonberger Laika 1972


Di Scottatura means in Italian from the Brandmark!!!

Ratel has given in her first litter Ch. Amira di Scottatura. Amira became, for three years, the best Tervueren bitch of the Specialty in Holland. Her son Yougo di Scottatura became best male, he was out Ch. Vibrato de la Pouroffe.

For the moment there is Vismey di Scottatura left out of the direct lines from Ratel di Vildor, in my house (8th generation), together with her daughter Avril di Scottatura .Born 20-04-01.

Vismeys parents are R.E Giono du Bois du Tot and Element Bluf di Scottatura.


My imported dogs were: From Denmark, Jerome Jason (sr. Japon du Clos de Raze x Judith)

He has been used a lot in Holland, because he had an excellent character.

I imported the gray, sr. Saphir du Geyser en Forez (Nabor de la Noue St Eloi x Oriane du Geyser en Forez), from France. Beautiful gray dog, but was never used on really good bitches. Beautiful gray dog, but was never used on really good bitches.

Finally sr. Hexen House Rawk (Corsini Aragon x Osca van de Hoge Laer).

He has been used several times in Holland and in Germany. With Dutch Champion Dylan van de Lamar he gave three s.r. bitches out of one litter.


My imported bitches were: s.r. Sable du Geyser en Forez a sister to Saphire du Geyser en Forez. She produced very well and a lot of descendants were the base in several countries to start with on the Tervueren. The best litters were with R.E. Sam de la Douce Plaine and with R.E. Ares du Bois du Tot.

It is a pity that I don’t have any relatives from her anymore.

Later I imported Hexen House Saphire, a sister to Hexen House Rawk but a litter younger.

She has been bred twice. First with s.r. Ch. Lotus de la Grande Lande. In 1999 with s.r. Topaze de l’Ocre Noir. Now we’ll wait and see what is coming out of that.

In october 2000 we imported our second breed . Ratel du Pic d' Arbizon a Pyrenean Shepherd, so called because we started the Terv's also with RATEL.