Ray Ban Sunglasses Screws

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory. Anything that goes wrong with them is guaranteed to ruin your day. Especially if you have designer glasses that are very dear to you and for which you’ve paid a hefty price. Problem is, however, that accidents happen. Or sometimes, it’s just a matter of wear taking a toll on… Continue reading Ray Ban Sunglasses Screws

Make a Strong Fashion Statement With Statement Neckties

Let’s face it: guys usually don’t appreciate the ladies’ opinion (is that so surprising, by the way?). This is understandable, of course, if we consider how much they dominates the course of events in our lives. But take heart – there are ways to affect change without compromising who you are. Consider the power of… Continue reading Make a Strong Fashion Statement With Statement Neckties

Rocking Fall Fashion Scarves

If you want to rock some great fashion looks this fall, sometimes all it takes to pull it off is a scarf. This season, roasting amber and brown tones have hit the fashion runway, providing great alternatives to the classic browns and croats that we have all become accustomed too. However, the fibers that are… Continue reading Rocking Fall Fashion Scarves