The World As A Ghost Town

The town that gives you the most distorted idea of how life is just a town… Where the Dawn Chix Nightclub and Dive Bar offer drinks that cause heart attacks and velour ventures of a Which- inexplicable deeper heart?… Is Western Canada. Granted, life revolves around transformers. Whatever emergence we are in becomes a futurechid.… Continue reading The World As A Ghost Town

Tips for Selecting Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a singular accessory that are worn by both men and women. It is dependably the case with most fashion add ons or accessories that a person can wear. The word “cuff” comes from the French phrase cinctura which means button. These tiny ornaments are hand-crafted with a tiny lever and a teardrop-shaped end.… Continue reading Tips for Selecting Cufflinks

Are Your Feet Cold Yet?

Most people love to wear flat shoes especially when it comes to summer. They provide comfort for the entire family. Even when your going on a long trip, you will always want to take your stylish shoes along with you. You will be able to have your favorite shoes while resting on the beaches of… Continue reading Are Your Feet Cold Yet?